Spread oanda forex

Spread oanda forex

Posted: artbardon Date of post: 23.05.2017

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Want to post a trade? Oanda average spreads self. I've been trading with them for two years and I've never had issues fulfilling an order. I only trade in volatile times. Maybe I've just been lucky with no slippage? I have fast internet and a fast computer. Click on the spread to see a chart. Spreads are collected from accounts being monitored by myfxbook. Pretty convenient, but do a lot of those brokers have commissions? Because Oanda is 1.

With Pepperstone and never looked back with 0. I trade with oanda and I've almost switched to fxcm. Help convince me why I should. The spread vs spread and commission seemed basically the same when I tried a demo for fxcm.

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Idk about fxcm as last I was following them they've been on thin ice ever since the SNB crisis but from an Oanda model vs commission model I am definitely liking the commission model more.

Even when you factor in the commision the spread is still less than on Oanda and like I had said during news events should you want to bail out or get in, a pip barrier is a lot better than Oanda's I'd remember seeing monthy on FOMC and minutes. I don't like having to guess what the spread will be May also be useful to do this only during peak hours.

Like London open to NY close. I never trade at 5pm EST because no one else is either: P The spread is huge during these times and it will artificially skew your data.

Oanda is a bucket shop I believe this, considering switching brokers. I've been using oanda for a year now. Read about this in the book 'beating the forex dealer'. Trust me on this I used to trade with them and I can see them inflate spreads to take out stops.

When you trade with them They try to simulate spreads like the real brokers do but you can see them cheating often if you watch close enough. I've seen it enough and I will likely be switching.

spread oanda forex

I've seen so much manipulation of the spread to take out my stops. I have no doubt that they do this. Thanks for the post! They act like a casino and how much money does a rn make in california the role of the House.

When you put in an order You're just placing a bet with Oanda Since the majority of traders fail, this is usually very profitable for any bucket shop. Just google this topic and more information will spread oanda forex up. It's naive to think that Oanda provides you with access to the fx market.

At the end of the day someone is taking the other side of your trade, and being a Market Maker or Bucket Shop as you refer to them as. With the staunch oversight of the NFA I am fairly confident Oanda is providing fair pricing and execution, and in no way resembles a Bucket Shop. Google up bucket shop. Your orders with Oanda has no counter party It's all virtual and simulated Oanda is not a market maker.

That doesn't mean they don't offset their positions.

Spread Cost Calculator | OANDA

If their customers get too much net risk in a single pair Oanda is going to want to hedge that risk. You're trading against them not another counter party. Legit brokers are not counter-parties to your trades. Legit brokers don't need to offset their positions because they should not be exposed to your position. Legit brokers don;t need to hedge their positions because they should never be exposed to your position in the first place.

They should only make money on the spreads market-making and commissions fees. I used IB and while it is not a true ECN like Citi or DeustcheBank IB is not the counter party best way to earn money on runescape p2p my trades. IB charges me commissions on each FX trade as well as a spread.

Sorry but you don't understand the structure of this at all.

spread oanda forex

Don't take unrelated diversification strategy of ge word for it then. And just because Oanda takes the other side of your trade, it does not mean that they are not hedging their open exposure with another "Market Maker".

They adjust their hedge accordingly 404 sifma stock market game they are the counter-party to your trades.

Any legit broker will not be a counter-party because of obvious conflict of interest. You don't seem to understand the business of a bucket shop Bucket shops used to be common in equities back in the s Lastly, if you deposit 10, and lose the entire thing They have a monetary interest in seeing you lose and this is reflected in their spreads.

During some sessions, people have measured their spreads Oanda has been known to widen their spreads considerably more than other real brokers in order to trigger your stops.

Case in point, I use IB and they are never the counter party to my trades. They charge me a commission to route the order and spread because they do market-make. Because these "Market Makers" are taking the other side of Oanda and many other brokers hedge trades. They are hedging against Oanda? Where did you read that? Oanda doesn't even submit your orders. And of course not GS has been found to take the other sides of their client's trades like Oanda.

That's why there are a lot of regulations now and prop trading with IB Banks has declined drastically. But unlike Oanda, Goldman actually submits your orders.

Oanda is hedging their open exposure with the bank. So, if Oanda's positions lose money it is the bank that is directly profiting from this. Very nice numbers considering the fact that Oanda is a market maker and not connected to an ECN or something! I might be the only one but I personally think oanda could be a little more competitive with there pricing regardless of the fact they are a MM.

spread oanda forex

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